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Looking back at 86 years of business experience


At 24, José Godínez is co-founder and President  of Jalisco's first public bus transportation company, the Jalisco Truckers Alliance. The company started with routes from downtown Guadalajara, Mexico, to the then nearby towns of Tlaquepaque and Zapopan. Today, although no longer part of the family portfolio, the compay remains the one of Mexico's largest public transportation syndicates.


Mr. Godínez becomes an International Harvester truck dealer with thru his company, Jalisco Motors S.A., and quickly becomes one of the nation's top sellers of trucks and buses. Between 1944 and 1955, he opens dealerships in the cities of Guadalajara, Tepatitlán and Tepic.


With José´s sons Xavier and Arturo already working in the family business, Jalisco Motors S.A. becomes a Ford Motor Company dealer, opening shop in the heart of Guadalajara's then commercial hub, Independencia Avenue.


The family enters Real Estate by co-developing the Alamo Industrial Complex in Guadalajara.


Ever expanding the business, the Godinez family opens new Ford dealerships in several cities in Western mexico, including the new flagship store at the Jardines del Bosque neighborhood in Guadalajara (picture).


The family buys Calteco, a local lime producer in the state of Jalisco. Under the direction of Xavier Godínez, the company quickly becomes the region's leader in the production and distribution of lime as the second generation takes control of the business.


As the family business continues to expand, the Automotive, Mining and Real Estate branches of the company are grouped into one holding company, Impulsora Jaxa.


Impulsora Jaxa becomes LINCOLN CAPITAL, and the Automotive and Industrial branches of the business are sold. Now led by the fourth generation of the family, the company focus on Real Estate and Venture Capital Investments.


Senda Real, a housing subdivision of 81 lots in the Tesistán area of Guadalajara, is built and sold in 11 months. It is the first Real Estate Development under the Lincoln Capital signature. With over 5,000 sqm of green areas, it quickly becomes one of the premier neighborhoods in the area.


LC Real Estate completes Allius, a A+ Office Building in the Lafayette neighborhood of Guadalajara. With the highest BOMA efficiency rating in the city at the time of completion, Allius quickly changes the context of the area, by attracting several top international companies as tenants.

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